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Current Assessments

Currently, CWCS requires the following assessments to help support the students’ learning by using data to accurately determine students’ needs:



Required Assessment



TK (ages 5 and up)-1st   


Pre and Post



AIMSweb Baseline

At or prior to first learning record meeting (for 2 consecutive months)



AIMSweb (Monthly)

As needed after 2nd check*



AIMSweb Check


Winter Check for students who were not being progress monitored monthly

Some students in grades 8-11 may be exempt from RCBM/MAZE winter check. Students who have passed Alg1 do not need MCAP winter probe. See RtI Policy

3-8 and 11th

Scantron (or other school designated assessment)

Winter Benchmark       

Not used for progress monitoring determination. This assessment will be used to determine student’s progress in grade level standards.



(DPT 1)

First 2 weeks of school

Optional for grades 9 &12

Required for 10-11 per the HS Intensive Policy



(DPT 2)

End of semester 1

(See High School Intensive Policy)

Only if indicated Optional for grades 9 &12

Required for 10-11 per the HS Intensive Policy



(Math Placement)  

As required in spring

See Math Placement Policy

3-8, 11th (Other grades may be required under ed code for subjects other than Math and ELA)  


As required in spring

As required by State of California