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The Board can be contacted through email at or by mail: 

CW Board of Directors, 12420 Bentley Street, Waterford, CA  95386


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Meet our Board of Directors

Carol Adams.jpg
Carol Adams:

Board Member – Carol Adams is no stranger to Connecting Waters Charter School. It is her pleasure to serve CWCS in the capacity of a member of the Board of Directors. Carol has over 40 years’ experience in the field of education. She retired from Escalon Unified after 30 years and spent 11 years with CW. With Escalon Unified she served in the following roles: Special Education and Regular Education, GATE teacher, Administrator, Special Education Director, and SARB Coordinator. With Connecting Waters Charter School her roles were Education Specialist and Area Facilitator.

Carol’s experience has been many-sided and has afforded her the opportunity to work with all populations. She attended many board meetings over the years as a Mentor Teacher and Administrator, working very closely with Escalon School District and County Offices. Her years with CW gave her a broad view of the choices families have in educating their students. Carol has enjoyed her time in this educational setting. She looks forward to serving you.

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Shannon LaSalle:

Board Member –. Shannon LaSalle is a parent of a Connecting Waters Charter School student and her other two children attend traditional public school. She has been a traditional public school teacher for 21 years. She has experience teaching first through third grade. At her school, she has been president of the School Site Council, president of the PTA, the leader of No Bully, the chairman of Romero Games (large track meet), and been a member of various other committees. She also was one of the founding members of the CWEB Board of Directors.

Margaret Lynch:

Board Member - Margaret Lynch has been a parent with Connecting Waters Charter School for many years. She brings insight and experience to the CWCS Board of Directors. She has a BS degree in Education from Citadel Baptist College with a minor in Music. She has published two songs, and produced two albums. She also teaches voice lessons. She is a Realtor for PMZ Real Estate. She has six children and enjoys the personalized learning approach of education for the past 20 years. She believes the best teacher for any student is his/her parent. No one will care more. She understands the important responsibility CWCS’s innovative approach has provided for her children's education. The evidence of learning is found in the educational progress of her children. She has two sons serving in the United States Air Force and a daughter working as a Legislative Aide for the Maine State Senate. Her greatest joy has been to see her older graduates reach their dreams and enjoy their desired careers in life.

Ron Mayo.jpg
Ron Mayo:

Chairman of the Board – Ron Mayo– Ron’s children attended Connecting Waters Charter School. When they did, Ron was involved in various activities and school events both as a parent attendee and as support for the Connecting Waters Charter School staff as well as having the duties and responsibilities of being a member of the Board and the Board Chair.

In his professional life he has had an eclectic career starting off as an RV Mechanic for two years and then joining the US Army for four years. He has been working in the equipment rental industry for 25 years.

Ron has been with his current employer, United Rentals, going on 23 years and has held various positions within the organization: Mechanic, Service Manager, Operations Manager, Safety Officer, DOT Compliance Officer, Trainer and Train the Trainer.  Currently, he is part of the Human Resources team as a corporate operations trainer in charge of one of eight (8) operations training centers in the US and Canada that train new and current employees on operations and various other subjects. Ron also conducts safety training and trains other trainers as well as builds and edits training manuals.  By being a continual learner, mentoring and being involved in self-education, he has the equivalent of a 5 year plus degree in multiple disciplines specializing in maintenance, operations, financials, safety, leadership and the management, auditing, developing of classes and teaching these subjects.

Laneshia Peters:

Vice-Chairman of the Board – Laneshia Peters has been a board member for the past three years. She has served as our Board Treasurer. Laneshia has two sons that attend Connecting Waters Charter School, one in 4th grade and one in 2nd grade. She has been homeschooling five years. Laneshia keeps busy volunteering in her community.

She is most proud of the experiences that demonstrate this board of directors’ ability to collaborate, work respectfully with each other, and the families that they represent.  Commitment to a home-based education for two students afforded her the privilege as a member of the board of directors.  For academic development as an educator, she is enrolled in continuing education programs.  Professionally, she is a small business owner. Over a period of nearly 20 years, she has diligently cultivated work ethic, professionalism, and communication skills; organized work practice, time management and ability to resource, outsource and establish processes. She applies her professional experience as a member to the board that governs Connecting Waters Charter School.

Megan Shipley s photo.jpg

Megan Shipley:

Board Member – Megan Shipley  has been homeschooling her 4 children for over 13 years. One has graduated and the younger three children, ages 9 - 16, are homeschooling through Connecting Waters Charter School. They joined CWCS when they moved from Tennessee 4 years ago. Megan joined CWCS while living in the Bay Area and served as the chair of the Parent Advisory Council. She now lives in the Central Valley but is still very connected to the families and educational groups in the East Bay. The Shipley family started homeschooling when the oldest child taught herself how to read at the age of 4, subsequently launching the family into the complexities of educating gifted children. All of the children learn very differently from each other, so Megan has also done extensive research into the various learning styles. Her homeschooling methods have varied from classical to eclectic. Through all of this, she has learned that every child can learn and wants to learn.  Our job is to provide the proper resources for each individual child. In addition to her experience as an educator, she believes her background in accounting will play a crucial role during her tenure as a board member. She is also a huge “technology geek” and believes we need to keep up with current trends; however, she is a strong advocate of children picking up real books, playing outside, learning valuable life skills, and just being kids. She is very passionate about education and the power of our children to shape the future of our country as well as the world. She has read extensively about educational issues and the challenges facing schools today.

Nina Vieira:.

Board Treasurer – Nina Vieira is a stay at home mom who has been homeschooling her two children, now in 6th and 4th grades, for the past seven years. This year, Nina is serving as our Board Treasurer, and has previously served as Co-Chairman. Before stepping into her role as a homeschooling mom, Nina worked for The Outdoor Channel as manager of the editorial department. Prior to that, she spent six years as Assistant Editor for a mail order book company, feeding her love of reading. Both positions required her to pay great attention to detail, making sure that her staff and company met all deadlines given, without mistakes. She now spends a majority of her time as a homeschool teacher, wife and Sunday school teacher. Some of Nina's strengths are being organized, which is a great necessity while homeschooling. She is committed to her children's education and to Connecting Waters Charter School.