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Algebra Graduation Requirement Policy

Updated 08/1/19

As required by EC Section 51224.5(c) and specified in Assembly Bill 220, before receiving a high school diploma of graduation from Connecting Waters Charter Schools, at least one of the two required mathematics courses a pupil shall complete and pass must meet or exceed the rigor of Algebra I or Mathematics I, that is aligned to the content standards adopted by the state board (pursuant to Sections 60605.8 and 60605.11).

Meeting the Algebra Graduation Requirement:

Algebra 1 Completed in Middle School: 

  • Complete and pass a-g Algebra 1 with an approved Math EE and the Geometry Readiness test.
    • AWRs should reflect the coursework the student is completing.  If the student is completing Algebra, the master agreement course title should be a-g Algebra and the AWRs must be completed. No high school credit will be issued. 
  • Complete Algebra 1 through an accredited CA middle school
  • Validation through a-g Algebra 2

Note: Students completing general Algebra 1 in Middle School will not have met the graduation requirements unless they validate Algebra 1 with a-g Algebra 2

Algebra 1 Completed in High School:

  • Complete a-g Algebra 1, General Algebra 1 (following the CWCS Algebra 1 Policy below), or HSI Algebra 1 with CWCS
  • Complete Algebra 1 with an accredited high school
  • Complete Algebra 1 with a Community College or approved a-g online provider
  • Complete and pass a-g Algebra 2 (CWCS or other accredited high school)

Note: any courses not addressed by the above policy must be cleared by the Guidance Department (i.e.: credit from non-US Schools)

Curriculum Choices

All students earning credit for Algebra 1 must use one of the following choices below to ensure compliance to AB220 requirements (Note: students earning a-g Algebra 1 or a-g Math 1 credit must use the approved textbook in the CWCS Course Outline)

  1. State adopted Algebra 1 or Math 1 textbook program or
  2. Standards aligned Algebra 1 or Math 1 textbook program with a published scope and sequence alignment to California Common Core Standards; or
  3. Algebra 1 or Math 1 curriculum with one of the following corresponding completed concepts and skills review supplemental workbooks.  If a-g, the assigned Effective Educator will be required to verify completion of the below workbook choice:
    1. On Core Algebra 1 by Houghton Mifflin
    2. Common Core Coach, Algebra I by Triumph Learning
    3. Common Core Coach, Mathematics I by Triumph Learning
    4. Algebra 1 Common Core Practice and Problem Solving by Prentice Hall

Note: Concepts and Skills supplemental workbook must be completed in its entirety unless approval with alignment has been received by the Math Specialist.  ESs should collect at least 1 sample each learning period from the above standards based supplement upon completion for documentation and keep in student file.  

  1. Other curriculum choices may be submitted to Math Specialist for review and possible approval. Submissions must include complete Table of Contents, Scope and Sequence, and a minimum of 3 sample lessons from the textbook.

For additional guidance in providing universal access to mathematics instruction, refer to the Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve.

The California Department of Education reminds us that:


Algebra I standards can and should be taught to all students, including students with disabilities. These students must be given access to the general education curriculum in order to equip them with the practical life skills they will need to be successful in the 21st century. They may not be able to complete the course in the standard length of time and may require more than one class to complete the course of study. In addition, they may need practical ways of demonstrating skills and competencies, such as through the use of manipulatives and with the assistance of calculators. They may also require supplemental instructional materials that address their learning needs. Nonetheless, it is important to ensure that All students be given an opportunity to access standards in the general education curriculum.


In the past many students were assigned to a basic general or remedial-level mathematics class, thereby limiting their opportunity to complete Algebra I, a critical gateway course. To ensure that at-risk learners move ahead to complete an essential course such as Algebra I, ESs may need assistance in designing curriculum and instruction to meet the need of their students.


Therefore, it is important to remember that many popular curriculum choices for struggling students do Not meet or exceed the content standards if used as a stand-alone core curriculum. This includes curriculum such as AGS Algebra, Teaching Textbooks Algebra, and Math-U-See Algebra, which are not aligned to current CA Algebra 1 content standards.