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English Department Goals

Continuing Goals:

  • Update the English Department website with useful information.
  • Encourage and implement new English classes at all three Connecting Waters schools.
  • Continue to provide information and encourage interest in the use of the Collections Companion for independent study students.
  • Continue to provide information and encourage interest in the Expository Reading and Writing Courses (ERWC).
  • Encourage and facilitate communication among department teachers and between students and parents about Moodle class expectations to ensure student and parent responsibility to maintain a high level of learning.
  • Encourage and promote professional development opportunities for the English Department teachers.

Focus on Writing:

  • Inform ESs and parents about the - Instructional Writing Support: Collections Based Performance Task Writing Assignments.  
  • Inform and train about the modified Writing Policy, MyAccess and scores, and instructional writing support.
  • Implement online writing classes for grades 3, 4, 5, & 6.
  • Implement the piloting of Turnitin for the English Department including EL teachers.
  • Encourage, educate, and train about the importance of using Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting when learning to write essays.  Include information about other types of formatting. 
  • Encourage, promote and train about the importance of using “academic language” when writing for school.  
  • Encourage and instruct about the importance of using rubrics or self-checks.
  • Find ways of teaching and presenting writing that are engaging and fun for students while also giving them a realistic view and an understanding that writing well will require work on their part and will not always be fun.
  • Find online resources about writing contests which may offer cash awards and scholarships as well as chances to gain national recognition and opportunities for publication.
  • Help parents realize it is important to understand, that writing needs to be included in the curriculum. A curriculum which is entirely hands-on, project based, or unschooling in approach needs supplementation in this direction to be balanced and adequate.