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 To Order:

1. The ES and parent should have a general conversation about the courses and pricing- see links to resources below for assistance- catalog, home school strong and pricing sheet.

 2. The ES (or the parent) is to email the K12 quote request form to our school's K12 Sales Representative, Amanda Myers, at  
K12 Quote Request Form

Please make sure all information is filled out, if you have any questions you can email Amanda Myers at K12.

3. Once you have emailed Amanda Myers the completed “Quote Request Form”, the quote will be processed and a copy of the approved quote will be emailed back to the ES or parent.

4. Upon parent and ES approval, the ES will create and process an EMR PO to 'mirror' the Order Request form exactly. The ES must include the start date on the PO (please allow about 1-2 weeks for processing).  The end date of online K12 access is up to a year after the order is placed.

NOTE: Refund policies are listed at the bottom of the price list and in the PO Notes. Nothing can be returned after 30 days from the activation date of the course. Please contact the CWCS Business Services Department for all PO refund requests. 

5.  Materials normally take two weeks to arrive.  The parent should have access to the OLS (online portion) of K12 within a week after the order is placed, and prior to receipt of materials.  By having access to the OLS, the parent/student should be able to begin their work because many of the materials and instructions are available online and via PDF format.

2020-2021 Course Catalog  Coming Soon….
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K12 Quote Request Form