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On Core Common Core Math Connection Material

Common Core Math “Connection” Materials

If you have selected a Math Curriculum aligned to the 1997 CA Standards or alternative curriculum that is not state adopted, please read below. 

In 2010, CA adopted a new set of academic standards called Common Core.  Please be advised that while you have selected a quality curriculum, some of the concepts in this book may not align to the Common Core State Standards.  To ensure your student is successful in math and adequately prepared for statewide assessments and for the next grade-level math program, we recommend you ask your ES to order the following “connection” materials workbook, titled On Core Mathematics by Houghton Mifflin, for your student’s current grade.  This workbook can be used alongside the curriculum you have selected today and help connect you to the Common Core.  

On Core Mathematics is a complete program for transitioning to the Common Core State Standards with interactive, real-world applications that help students deepen their understanding of crucial math concepts, while addressing the Common Core Curriculum and the Standards for Mathematical Practice. This program allows students to not just “do the math” but also to “understand and explain” their math.

On Core Mathematics helps prepare students for 2014 Assessments by developing their procedural, application and critical thinking skills.

Embedded strategies and lesson background notes for all topics within the Teacher’s Editions ensure that you are implementing the Common Core State Standards in the spirit that was intended.

Each order comes complete with a Student Edition and a Teacher Edition.